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Art Panels and Design Surfaces for Professional Artists and Creative Industries


Artists’ surfaces are personal. ADL work together with clients to realise their ideas, from simple surface requirements to textures calibrated to a fraction of a millimetre.


ADL Aluminium Panels – TIG welded subframes. Faces bonded for permanent assembly. They resist UV and weather damage making them the perfect artist support indoors or outdoors.

We take pride in our ability to work aluminium to the highest standards in the art industry; total accuracy, beautifully finished.


ADL Traditional Gesso – on Ply, MDF and Aluminium.

Artist personal requirements have led to some great gesso panels at ADL Studios. Filleted ply faces, some with simple shadow gaps or a returning gesso edge on ply, MDF or aluminium.

ADL Gesso on Aluminium: ADL Studios work a continual program of research and development, and in conjunction with academic mechanical engineering research we present our flagship aluminium gesso panel.


Ian Davenport, GiardiniColourfall, 2017, at the Venice Biennale. Multiple interlocking aluminium floor and wall panels.

ADL are proud to work with some significant painters. A recent highlight is Ian Davenport’s piece at the Venice Biennale.

ADL partner with Tagsmart, a producer of security tags featuring revolutionary technology with the latest DNA and security elements.


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